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Wednesday, 08 September 2021 18:13

5 Surprising activities to do in Ibiza

We are well aware that it’s great to be on the beach, but we’d like to suggest the following fantastic and surprising activities in Ibiza for you to add them to your plans on days when sunbathing doesn’t hit the spot.

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Saturday, 31 July 2021 18:25

21 Plans for Ibiza this Summer

Ibiza is such a multi-faceted island that it’s impossible to get bored (unless that’s what you want). Find out about our 21 plans for Ibiza this summer 2021 and recharge your batteries with good energy and Mediterranean joy. Because there is so much to enjoy on the White Island...

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Tuesday, 10 September 2019 11:40

Walks in Ibiza: we’re off to La Marina

The old part of the city of Ibiza, Dalt Vila, is not the only recommendable walk in Ibiza. Today we’re off to La Marina, the old fishing quarter in the island’s capital, full of charming spots, restaurants, boutiques and terraces. Want to come? Make the best of your holidays in Ibiza Sun Apartments and discover the best places in the city.

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Tuesday, 03 September 2019 10:28

Ibiza’s October secrets

Many questions arise when you’re thinking about coming to Ibiza in the autumn: What to do in Ibiza in October? Is it warm in Ibiza in October? Can I go to the beach? Will Ibiza be crowded in October? What are the best plans for the first half of October? If you’re doubting whether to come in October, don’t miss this post and read why you should book your flights and suite in Playa d’en Bossa straight away. You’ll love Ibiza in October!

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Thursday, 18 July 2019 18:47

Holidays in Ibiza in your 40s? But of course!

Many travellers wonder if it’s a good idea to go on holidays to Ibiza in your 40s. Some of them remember their getaways when they were younger and the long nights out. Others even believe that the entire White Island is a huge outdoor nightclub. Ibiza Sun Apartments wants to show you why Ibiza is a wonderful destination to enjoy your holidays if you’re in your 40s (or 50s, 60s...), whether you’re travelling as a couple or with friends or family. So if you’re not yet sure, read on and picture yourself on the most versatile and seductive island in the Mediterranean.

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Quite a few people are surprised by the vast amount of things they can do in Ibiza as a couple. The island’s clubbing reputation often outshines all other sides of this diverse territory where everyone finds the Ibiza that suits them. Especially when you’re travelling as a couple and you’re seeking a quiet, romantic holiday. Our post will introduce you to the most romantic selection chosen by Ibiza Sun Apartments. Book today your suite at our hotel with swimming pool on d’en Bossa Beach.

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Friday, 01 March 2019 08:52

Three walking routes in Ibiza for spring

Ibiza Sun Apartments will open its doors once again on 17th April and this is the perfect time to discover some walking routes in Ibiza for spring. Book your stay at Ibiza Sun Apartments, pack a pair of trainers and enjoy a healthy, active and fun getaway.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2018 22:05

10 plans in Ibiza for August

Ibiza is so much more than beaches and parties. And August is perfect to discover all the things you can enjoy on the island during the summer. Whether travelling with kids, with your partner or with friends, read this post to find out about ten different plans to include them in your stay at the modern suites of Ibiza Sun Apartments. And get away from the beach for a while!

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018 12:16

Ibiza in a week: Plans, suggestions and tips

What can I do in Ibiza in a week? Too many days? Will I see it all in a couple of days? These questions pop up quite frequently among travellers who are preparing their first trip to Ibiza and are unaware of all the attractions and plans on the island. If it’s your first time to Ibiza, read our plans, suggestions and tips and leave the weekend getaways for the winter. Ibiza hopes to see you very soon!

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Friday, 04 May 2018 10:17

5 Plans to do in Ibiza in May

The most frequent questions made by travellers who visit the island this month are: What can I do in Ibiza in May? Are the clubs open? Is it warm enough to go to the beach in May? Will there be a lively atmosphere? If you haven’t yet been to Ibiza in May, here are 5 plans to do on the island this month. And enjoy the start of the summer before anyone else!

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