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CrossFit: the answer to perfect body

CrossFit is defined as a system of strength training and conditioning based on constantly varied functional exercises performed at a high intensity. This means that we use a lot of exercises and sports disciplines (gymnastics, weightlifting, running ...), from which we select techniques or movements applicable to daily life and combine them in many different ways in intense training, resulting not only A demanding experience during which playfulness and camaraderie play a key role, but also an unsurpassable program to develop the ten general physical abilities: cardiovascular endurance, energy endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and precision.
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Thanks to its tremendous effectiveness as a fitness system, CrossFit was originally chosen by numerous military academies, police forces, martial artists and hundreds of elite athletes worldwide as a standard strength training and conditioning program.
However, today, CrossFit has become popular in all sectors of the population. Being a program designed to be easily adaptable makes it the perfect training system for anyone with motivation, regardless of age, sex, ability or previous experience. One of the great wonders of the CrossFit is that during its practice, the same training can be performed simultaneously by an elderly person with cardiovascular problems or reduced mobility and a firefighter in an optimal state. The key is to work on levels of intensity relative to each individual, being able to adapt loads, times, distances ... to maintain the stimuli without modifying the program. 
During your holidays you can take the opportunity to try for free one session. In Ibiza several clubs offer this chance, don't lose it! IslaBlancaCrossfit + CrossfitMAG 
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