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Holidays in Ibiza with free insurance: Don’t worry, be sun!

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It’s impossible to plan contingencies, but you can plan your holidays in Ibiza! And you can do so with the extra reassurance of our new and free cancellation insurance. You’ll be able to get back your hotel booking fee if a problem comes up and stops you from travelling. Don’t worry, be sun!

Life is full of surprises. Some good, some not so good. A new job, unexpected surgery, a pregnancy, a promotion that delays your holidays, a silly slip or trip, a redundancy... Even a winning lottery ticket! In this last case, you obviously won’t need any extra help with your holidays in Ibiza, but for any other incidents that force you to cancel your stay in our suites, we offer free cancellation insurance for your peace of mind and to encourage you to book a room with us at the best rate in Ibiza. Because we don’t want anything to dampen your excitement about next summer’s holidays on the most suggestive island in the Med.

Don’t worry, be sun: book your hotel in Ibiza with cancellation insurance included

Don’t miss the best rates because you're worried about what might come up in the future. With the free cancellation insurance included in our new non-refundable rates, any money paid for your booking will be reimbursed if your trip is cancelled for the reasons below.

What does our free cancellation insurance cover?

  • Coverage for the trip cancellation costs: up to € 10,000 per person.
  • Coverage for the Non-Refundable Rate from the date you make the booking until the check-in date.
  • Reimbursement of any prepaid amounts in the event of a justified cancellation through the ARGA insurance company.
  • Coverage for the person who makes the booking and the persons included in the booking.

S free insurance included ibiza hotelOur free cancellation insurance will give you peace of mind.

Which cancellation reasons does our free insurance cover?

The free cancellation insurance policy included in our non-refundable rates allows you to recover the booking costs if you cancel for one of the 25 reasons included in the policy, as long as they take place after having made the booking. On our website, you can check the general terms and conditions and all the cases eligible for the refund of the cancellation costs. Here are a few of those circumstances:

  • Having to stay in hospital overnight, serious illness, surgery, serious injury or death of the insured party or one of their relatives.
  • Having to sit official examinations called after taking out the insurance.
  • If the insured party is made redundant, as long as this is not due to the expiry of a fixed-term contract, voluntary resignation or failing to pass the probationary period.
  • For serious damages to the person's main or secondary residence or business caused by fire, natural catastrophes, explosion or theft.
  • Starting a new job in a different company under a 6-month or more contract.
  • A parallel income tax return issued by the Tax Agency asking the insured party to pay more than € 600.
  • Serious pregnancy complications for which the doctor has prescribed rest.
  • You can check all the reasons for which you can ask for a refund in the general terms and conditions published on our website, which also apply when you choose your non-refundable rate with free insurance included.

S free insurance 1Don't worry, be sun!

How to book your hotel in Ibiza with insurance included?

It’s dead easy! Enter in our website and simply choose the Non-Refundable Rate with Insurance for your room in Ibiza Sun Apartments, which means pre-paying 100% of the booking. You don’t have to add anything to your request: the free insurance is already included. Besides the insurance, this rate also allows you to change the booking dates within the same calendar year at no added cost.

Warning: If you want the people who are travelling with you to also be covered by the insurance, it’s essential that you add their names to your booking on https://app.flexmyroom.com/es/. Then we’ll be able to identify them if the cause of the cancellation comes from one of them and not from the person who made the booking.

Your next holidays at Ibiza Sun Apartments?

Now you’re feeling reassured, you can get on with imagining your next holidays in our modern suites in Playa d’en Bossa. If you’ve already stayed with us, you know all the wonderful things to expect. But if you haven’t visited us yet, get ready to live a fabulous experience with us and enjoy:

  • Suites equipped with all the comforts to fully relax.
  • A fabulous and varied breakfast to suit all tastes.
  • A swimming pool with Balinese beds and a great vibe.
  • A gym with weights, sit-up bench and exercise bikes.
  • A wellness room to relax with a long list of treatments and therapies.
  • Yoga lessons.
  • A refreshing menu of food and cocktails by the pool.
  • The very best staff to ensure your comfort.

Book your next holiday in Ibiza today with peace of mind.Book your next holiday in Ibiza today with peace of mind.

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